SEO – promote website in search engines

Price: from $420 per month


Our search engine optimization (SEO) services include various tactics (both within and outside your website), that help the search engines rate your site better, better than the ones of your competitors who don’t bother to optimize their websites or do that with no due diligence.


We set realistic terms and do not mislead our customers. For high-competition queries and new websites, the promotion takes 4 to 8 months. About just as much is required to “convince” the search engine that your website matches the key queries and that it should be ranked higher in the results than the competitors. Our goal is not getting rich fast; we develop a long-term partnership with our customer, and only a positive result makes it possible!


We only use White Hat SEO techniques that do not violate the search engines’ rules.


– We analyze your website, competition and difficulty of your business area, and send you an offer that contains: the description of the jobs to be performed, monthly cost of our services, and a REALISTIC estimated time and site traffic growth rate.

– We sign a contract with you, and you submit the payment for the first month of the service.

– We make the final approval of the semantic kernel (list of keywords we are going to work on).

– We analyze your website’s SEO rankings and usability (convenience to users).

– We create a list of improvements to be made to the website to ensure a successful promotion (minor improvements are included, heavier ones can be implemented by your in-house developers or outsourced to our developers under a separate agreement).

– We perform the internal optimization of your website, place all major meta tags to the documents.

– Our copywriters write optimized texts (you do not pay extra for this; the service is included in the plan).

– We continuously enhance and improve your website’s content to improve your website’s position on Google’s search result page.

– We provide you with a detailed report on a monthly basis.


The reports we send you every month are not automatically generated dummy emails with a list of positions and keywords (which by majority are no longer current at the moment the report is being sent). Our report is written by hand by our SEO analyst; it includes the list of jobs done with the month, traffic charts with an analysis of change from the previous period, all necessary statistics and the expert’s comments.


The result of our work is the increased number of visits to your website by its target audience. Certainly, we will include information on the improved positions in the search results by given keywords; unless the ranking improves, it’s not possible to increase the visitor count. At the same time, improved positions are not a goal of its own. By a certain keyword, your website could take, for instance, the 10th place on the main page and at the same time give you just 1-2 clicks per month. Other than that, the behavioral strategies of people looking for products and services online have changed: in a search for required information, the user is ready to go through several pages, sincerely believing that the sites from the main search results page belong to large companies publishing their ads for large money and, respectively, having more expensive goods.

Hence the conclusion: reviewing the results of the second and third pages may help one find a more beneficial offer!

So, the point is: from month to month, more and more people will visit your website by the keywords from the search engines; we reflect that in the report, and that is the efficiency criteria of our works on SEO!


If you are not sure that your promotion campaign is properly set up, have doubts in the qualification or decency of your service providers – drop us a line; our experts will assess your campaign and give you a professional preliminary report FREE OF CHARGE. It’s our pleasure to be of help to you.