An integrated approach to boosting the profitability of online projects.
Price: from $150 per audit/ monthly maintenance/ development from scratch.


The best way to save on marketing is to include a marketing expert in the project at the very beginning of its life. It’s the expert’s job to help you realize the project’s common success (profitability) concept and/or arrange all aspects of the project around that concept.

How do you know which expert will meet your demands? Of course, by looking at the candidate’s portfolio – find out what, how, and for how much (time, money, efforts) has been done for the other businesses.
We do have the portfolio and are ready to discuss the best way of using it for designing the project of your future website.


If you already have a project, but you are not happy with its performance in terms of marketing, run an analysis – why the website doesn’t produce the expected result, which changes can boost its performance. An audit will help you figure out the causes of the problems, as well as your options for turning the negative trend into positive.


Why you might want to need this service? Because as you work on the implementation of your approved marketing concept, you would continuously get new data, new technologies to adopt in order to keep up with your competitors. The marketing manager’s job is to review the incoming new details and respond to the changes that come out of them so that the project would at least reach the next approved positive result (that could be a specific order count or volume growth rate, etc.)